Hotel Blumig
Hotel Blumig
Tax Free
21% IVA
For non Argentine residents

Confort & Spa

Harmony and sensations in one place
Hotel Blumig takes care of every detail, managing to carry forward one of the distinguishing features that characterizes it: personalized treatment.

Heated pool, spa service and sauna
The Hotel also offers contact with the nature revealed in its parks, with beautiful trees, two swimming pools, one with natural water and the second heated. These spaces include the Bar service in them.
Blumig Spa is a space designed to make your stay even more pleasant.

Our services
• Sauna
• Hydromassage
• Reflexology
• Holistic massage
• Aromatherapy
• Massages with hot stones
• Chocolate therapy
• Fangotherapy
• Vinotherapy
• Herbal teas
• Facial treatments